Friday, September 30, 2011

extra extra

A video? Yes. A video!  I wanted to post about my thrifted finds from my trip to Lakewood, but didn't want to be picture happy.  So here goes my first video. 

something good from Stacia Momany on Vimeo.

key notes:

- Shopping 2nd hand puts a BIG impact on your closet and a tiny impact on your wallet.

-Thanks to my Nana & Cheryl for the blog merch!

-Next week I'm starting 2 classes at church: Financial Peace University & Bethel.  Also Im temporarily filling in at different office for the month of October at work.  That being said my lovely sister and the fashionable Kelly will be guest posting for me on Monday & Tuesday.

Have a wonderful weekend!
Stacia Lee


  1. Those are some really amazing finds and deals. I especially like the purses and wallet and scarves!

    I love the video too, you are so stinkin' cute. Josie had to make her debut at the end there too, lol.

    I played it for Westley so he could see you and hear your voice, btw and he was captivated. :)

  2. Great video Stacia! You are way too cute. You should definitely do more.

  3. thank you both! it was fun making it!

    Im glad West go to hear Auntie Stacias voice. Warms my heart. Tell him I love him.

    btw Josephina always wants to steal the show. Maybe you can have a guest role on the next video.


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