Monday, August 8, 2011

Miss JoAnna

My dear friend JoAnna had a wonderful idea! She was seeking help with finding new clothes for the school year (shes a high school teacher). And I was looking for a way to add fun to the blog.  It was a perfect success.  JoAnna & MaryAnn (she was featured on here as well) are best friends.  They are a perfect match for friendship.  JoAnna is loving, kind, supportive & gives really great hugs.  I'm so happy to have her in my life. 

JoAnna tried on a lot of clothes!  And she had a lot of luck!  She was looking for some key pieces to fit into her already existing wardrobe and we did a great job doing so!

She came wearing the basic black top with the layered necklace. The pants were a definite yes!

Cute above the knee skirt with basic black top and purple button down sweater. Both pieces she took home!

Floral skirt with the same purple cardigan. Super adorable!

Red skirt, light grey button down cardigan. Perfect!

Pink top and white skirt with blue circle pattern.

Adorable top for layering

She brought the cardigan from home and needed something to wear under it This basic nude tank worked perfect!

Purple pull over sweater with black & grey skirt

Light gray sweater, tank top from home and red skirt. Love it!

The end result was fab! She picked up quite a bit of things and was very excited putting the pieces together!

Of course we went to Clothes Mentor! I love second hand clothing! And the best part? She picked up an entire new fall wardrobe for under $200. Imagine some people spend that on 2 pairs of jeans! Jo will be sending me a few pics once school starts of her in the outfits ( I suggested in front of chalk board) but we will see! Thanks for stopping by!
Stacia lee


  1. This is great! Helping people one outfit at a time! She looks adorable in everything. :)

  2. I love your personal shopping features! So fun. Even more fun because I know both MaryAnn and Jo :-)

  3. Im glad you both like it! I could do that all day long! And yes everything she tried on looked great on her! :)


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