Wednesday, August 10, 2011

fall fan

I love sitting in my car on my lunch hour.  Currently I have some good tunes on the windows cracked and soaking up the sun.  I'm glad that I live in a area of the country that has 4 seasons.  And I can start to feel Fall coming soon.  And I'm loving it! Fall is my favorite season.

When: August 10th
Top: Is actually a dress that's too short to wear without leggings. Here is how I wore it before. Its from F21. I just tucked it into my skirt.
Skirt: Thrifted and updated.
Shoes: Payless
Belt: Target
Bracelets: F21

I'm looking forward to pulling out my fall clothes and boots.  I love to go pick out pumpkins and decorate my home for the fall.  I'm hoping to even get away for a weekend to somewhere beautiful.  What are you looking forward to this fall?
Stacia Lee


  1. two things:

    1. This outfit is so cute.

    2. You need some switch plates for your light switches. ;)

  2. too bad we dont live close by we could swap clothes!

    I have all of the covers bought brand new but have yet to put them on.


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