Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Its your birthday....

Today is Andersons 5th Birthday!

He was just a little babe here. And yes Im that girl who puts her dogs in clothes.

And yes that is his tongue licking my chin.  I sang him happy birthday this morning, then the 50 cent version after work and soon we will go for a car ride for a doggy ice cream cone.  If Anderson could read this is what I would  tell him thanks for:
keeping me company the last 5 years
licking away my tears
jumps of joy every day when  I come home
keeping me safe at night
and finally
no matter what I do he is still loyal and loving in his own doggy way.

Jo celebrated too...

Stacia Lee


  1. love that blurry photo of you two. Happy bday Anderson, you 5 year old stud.

  2. he is sooo stinkin'cute in that green corduroy coat...remember when he was that small? : )

  3. Happy Birthday, cute pupper!!

    Also, I really like those lamps in the background :-)


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