Friday, July 1, 2011

free spirit

In this outfit I feel like free spirit Stacia Lee.  Which quite honestly I haven't been a free spirit in years.  So it feels good. But today I'm wearing a much more "Stacia" kind of outfit.
This skirt is straight from the mid nineties and the colors (which these pictures don't do justice) are beautiful.

When: Wednesday June 29th
Undershirt: H&M
Navy tank dress: H &M
Skirt: Coldwater Creek via Salvation Army
Bracelets: F21
Flip Flops: Charlotte Russe

Reminder about the adorable apron give away all 3 rules must be completed for a official chance to win!

1.follow free to be stacia lee on blogger.

2."like" free to be stacia lee on facebook.

3. comment on the giveaway post from yesterday.

I'm going to a Journey tribute concert tonight with a girlfriend and I just might be a free spirit. :)
Happy Friday,
Stacia Lee

1 comment:

  1. Hi Stacia! You are cute, cute as always. I tried to comment on the last post, but wasn't able to, so I will comment here for now.

    I am following your blog and if I were on fb, I would certainly follow you there as well. I suppose that means I'm out of the drawing? That's one sweet apron. Love the fabric choice. Your mom's a talented lady.

    Happy Weekend to you.


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