Monday, June 13, 2011


Who? Oh yes, me! I received a Stylish Blogger Award from Anna!  Thanks so much Anna, so sweet of you!

Here's how it works: you tell 7 facts about yourself, link back to the person who gave it to you, then pass it on to 4 others and let them know they've been awarded.  Here goes!

1. I adore Mary Tyler Moore & Elisabeth Elliot. Two very different women but they are both wonderful. I own a few seasons of MTM on DVD. I love the fact that she is 30,  single and doing it on her own.  I admire that so much.  Oh and she is also very fashionable. I know what you are thinking that's her TV role but I have read that she prefers to play roles that are most like her in real life.  Elisabeth Elliot is a gem.  What a role model for all Christian women.  I have read several of her books and so amazed with her real life experiences.

2. When I was 7 I was diagnosed with pituitary dwarfism.  My parents thankfully noticed that I wasn't growing and took me to a specialist.  I was given growth hormones shots from age 7-19 daily and still take medication daily for it.  Ironically I am the tallest in my family and still love wearing 4 inch heels!

3. Several of my first jobs I had to wear khaki pants as my uniform.  I despise khakis so much, that to this day I will not wear khaki pants.

4. I have size 10 feet.  Yep 5'4 with size 10 feet. Don't call me clown feet!

5. Because I have worked in the dental field for almost 4 years, the first thing I look at is teeth.  Sometimes I wish I didn't have the instinct to do so.

6. I collect bird salt & pepper shakers.

7. I am a self proclaimed control freak. That being said I have 4 calendars. Two at work, one at home and one always in my purse. If you want to hang out please schedule ahead I don't care for last minute plans.

The four fabulous nominees:


  1. this may be my favorite post yet Stacia : ) you are so unique in all sorts of good ways. God made you special; am thankful He chose me to be your mom. tell bobby j he gets toothbrush points for those owl salt and pepper shakers ; ]

  2. Thanks Stacia! I will be posting mine soon. :)


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