Tuesday, June 21, 2011

my pink dressing room

I love looking into other peoples closets and pulling pieces together. I thought maybe you would like a peek into mine?

I use my vintage dessert platter for earrings, bracelets, glasses & hair bows.

All of my scarfs & necklaces hang from this. Which is located right next to the closet door.

Belts & Crossover bags are hanging from over the door knobs.

This Ikea rack was originally for plants. My shoes took it over. Flip flops are in box under bottom shelf.  My trusty tri pod rests next to rack when not in use.

Full closet view. Ikea lamp. Vintage stool & plenty of clothes to stuff the closet.

In the following order: blouses, cotton tops, layering tops, cardigan's & light jackets, maxi dress & skirts.

Jeans & Skirts

I store fall & winter items that cant be used in spring & summer, in my 2nd bedroom closet. Its a work in process, but I love when everything is in its place and I can piece together new outfits.  
Until next time,
Stacia Lee 


  1. impressive! such organization : )

  2. I currently have my closet organized according to ROYGBIV... I sometimes switch it to be organized by fabric or style as well. I love how it looks when it's organized by color, but its not as convenient as style like you have it now.


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