Thursday, June 30, 2011

cooking with julia (give away closed)

Have I ever mentioned how wonderful my Mom is?  She is an exceptional mom, you are going to like as well!  She provided the give away to this little blog here!

This post is a recipe & give away post combined! Its picture happy, I hope you enjoy!

Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Cookies

2 cups of peanut butter, 2 eggs, 2 cups of milk chocolate chips, 2 cups of brown sugar

Add in chocolate chips, brown sugar & eggs. Mix well.

Add in peanut butter. Mix well.

Scoop out and place on baking sheet/stone.

Makes 2 dozen

Using a fork add sugar to cookies while pressing on to cookies

Pre heat 350 bake 15-20 minutes. Allow to cool & enjoy!

So your thinking where is the give away section?  The kicker, this adorable lemon print apron could be yours!  Hand made by my Mom for you (the winner). May I say this apron has a pocket and and coordinating stripes on the reverse fabric.  How can it be yours?

The rules:

1. Make sure you follow my blog.
2. "like" free to be stacia lee on facebook
3. Comment on this post that you would like to win the adorable apron.
Its that easy!
The contest will end Thursday July 7th. The winning announcement will be posted on Friday July 8th!
If you have any questions, feel free to email me:

Have a wonderful Thursday friends!
Stacia Lee

(Give away has been closed, congrats to Ashley Elizabeth!)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

3 months

Hello friends.  Tomorrow is the big give away announcement! I'm so excited to give you all the details! 
I pre- picked out all of my outfits this week, its been about 15 years since I have done that.  We will see if I stick to it.  :)  I love the color & design of this dress! I just don't care for the way it makes me look 3 months pregnant.

Dress: Target
Shirt: Kmart
Shoes: Payless
Bracelet: Gift

I hope your day was fabulous. Mine is going to be wonderful very soon! Dinner plans with Miss. MaryAnn and I cant wait! Have a wonderful evening!
Stacia Lee

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


I'm here to report Blossom 1994 is here and back in full swing.  Did you watch that show?  I couldn't miss a episode, I was so hooked! Joey, Six & Blossom filled the living room weekly and I loved the clothes! Like I mentioned yesterday I went crazy over the weekend thrift shopping & the vest I'm wearing  was one of the pieces I picked up.  I got so many compliments  about this vest!  To me this outfit screams nineties! And I love it!

Striped top: Target
Vest: Casual Corner via Savers
Skirt: Thrifted
Shoes: Payless
Bracelet: Gift
Sunglasses: Dollar Tree

I'm so glad its 2011 and I'm not a 14 year old starting high school in Fall! Nope I'm 30 and don't have to remind myself to wear a bra & shave my legs (most of the time).  Have a wonderful day friends!
Stacia Lee

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

my pink dressing room

I love looking into other peoples closets and pulling pieces together. I thought maybe you would like a peek into mine?

I use my vintage dessert platter for earrings, bracelets, glasses & hair bows.

All of my scarfs & necklaces hang from this. Which is located right next to the closet door.

Belts & Crossover bags are hanging from over the door knobs.

This Ikea rack was originally for plants. My shoes took it over. Flip flops are in box under bottom shelf.  My trusty tri pod rests next to rack when not in use.

Full closet view. Ikea lamp. Vintage stool & plenty of clothes to stuff the closet.

In the following order: blouses, cotton tops, layering tops, cardigan's & light jackets, maxi dress & skirts.

Jeans & Skirts

I store fall & winter items that cant be used in spring & summer, in my 2nd bedroom closet. Its a work in process, but I love when everything is in its place and I can piece together new outfits.  
Until next time,
Stacia Lee 

Monday, June 20, 2011

librarian for the day

I scored BIG time over the weekend.  On a whim I stopped at Goodwill and picked up a few really nice items. I thought what the heck, Ill give Savers a try too. It was amazing. I picked up pieces that will fill  holes in my wardrobe.  I was so excited, I decided to make a trip to the laundry mat so I can wear them ASAP!

Shirt: Thrifted
Skirt: Hand me down from lady lee
Shoes: BCBGirls
Bracelets: F21
Cardigan: Target

This shirt is one of the gems I picked up over the weekend. Its a reddish orange color and ties around the neck.  I think I could pass for a librarian in the sixty's with this outfit The gold clasps on the skirt should be laying on my hip instead of towards the middle. Oh well. 
 You know how I talked about fixing up the patio a few months back? Its not going to happen. I came to a realization that I would rather spend the $ on more important things, like clothes. :) So don't mind the gigantic weed tree growing up from the apartment underneath me, or the grill I only used once two years ago. Its the outfit that counts.  
I Have a few really exciting posts coming this week. Im planning on showing you my closet and accesories. Also a very easy but delicous cookie recipe. Oh and cant forget about the giveaway as well! So stay near you wont want to miss a thing!

Stacia Lee

Sunday, June 19, 2011

look of the moment

One of the few magazines that I'm willing to renew every year is Lucky.  Do you read Lucky? The magazine about shopping AND style, well I cant resist myself! The look of the moment in Junes issue is peplum tops & printed pants.  I loved the look, but the outfits they put together are pricey.  So here is my version of look of the moment. I hope you enjoy!

Pants: F21
Shoes: F21

Top: F21
Pants: F21
Shoes: Payless

Top: F21
Pants: F21
Shoes: F21

Everything here is inexpensive and can be found online.  I wish magazines would consider more affordable options, who is wiling to spend $850 on a outfit? Not me! My favorite is #3! What is yours?
If you get a minute, scroll all the way down to the bottome of the page and like freetobestacialee on facebook!
Happy Sunday,
Stacia Lee

Friday, June 17, 2011

crochet dreams

I have been dreaming about a crochet vest for a few months.  I have knocked the contestants down to two, and I need your input.

Lauren Conrad vest at Kohls

Ruche crochet vest

So let me know what you think! I would like to purchase it soon,  so it can get plenty of use this summer and fall! Also BOGO is back at Payless and Im going to pick these up ASAP!

I'm thinking cute with skirts this summer and with skinny jeans in the fall! I know Fall is a few months away, but I like to be able to have several pieces that will work in several seasons.

Any plans this weekend? I'm going to the drive in tonight to see the green lantern & hangover 2 with my girlfriend. Saturday we (Papa, Dad ,Bobby & I) are headed to Columbus for the day to visit with family for fathers day! I cant wait to see Westley and kiss his chubby cheeks!  I hope you have a wonderful Friday! TGIF!
Stacia Lee

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Miss MaryAnn

My wonderful friend MaryAnn had a splendid idea for the blog.  She is looking for a dress to wear to her friends wedding next month and she thought it would be a great post for my blog! She is lovely like that, always thinking about others! 

We went to Clothes Mentor.  I have never been there before and was so surprised by the amount of name brand clothing and the wonderful condition of the clothes she tried on.

Dress #1

Dress #2

Dress #3

Dress #4

Dress #5

The two of us at a friends wedding last summer.

We had a great time together and of course had to finish the evening off with ice cream! Later this week Ill will have a poll on the blog for you to vote on your personal favorite! MaryAnn already promised to take a picture of her at the wedding so I can post the final outfit!

On a separate note I had mentioned a few weeks back about a giveaway. Well the giveaway prize is complete and the details will be posted very soon! You will need to make sure you are a follower on free to be stacia lee to enter the giveaway!
Talk to you soon,
Stacia Lee

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

in love with stripes

I hope you enjoyed my 7 facts.  I had a fun time thinking about it! So if you have to ask, yes I love stripes! I remember when my Mom would wear them growing up and I would always say no to stripes.  But in the last few years they have grown on me and I cant get enough!

Excuse my blurry photos!

When: June 13th
Shirt: H& M
Skirt: Target
Shoes: Payless
Bracelets: F21
Belt: F21

Can I say 2 things? I love this skirt but I need to purchase a slip! The button up front has caused a few fashion mishaps.  Not quite as bad as Janet Jackson with JT,  but I'm not Miss. Jackson.  Also I bought this belt for $3 at Forever 21 a week ago and I  have worn it 3 times already! I love when I find a bargain that is so versatile!
I hope your day was wonderful
. Until next time,
Stacia Lee

Monday, June 13, 2011


Who? Oh yes, me! I received a Stylish Blogger Award from Anna!  Thanks so much Anna, so sweet of you!

Here's how it works: you tell 7 facts about yourself, link back to the person who gave it to you, then pass it on to 4 others and let them know they've been awarded.  Here goes!

1. I adore Mary Tyler Moore & Elisabeth Elliot. Two very different women but they are both wonderful. I own a few seasons of MTM on DVD. I love the fact that she is 30,  single and doing it on her own.  I admire that so much.  Oh and she is also very fashionable. I know what you are thinking that's her TV role but I have read that she prefers to play roles that are most like her in real life.  Elisabeth Elliot is a gem.  What a role model for all Christian women.  I have read several of her books and so amazed with her real life experiences.

2. When I was 7 I was diagnosed with pituitary dwarfism.  My parents thankfully noticed that I wasn't growing and took me to a specialist.  I was given growth hormones shots from age 7-19 daily and still take medication daily for it.  Ironically I am the tallest in my family and still love wearing 4 inch heels!

3. Several of my first jobs I had to wear khaki pants as my uniform.  I despise khakis so much, that to this day I will not wear khaki pants.

4. I have size 10 feet.  Yep 5'4 with size 10 feet. Don't call me clown feet!

5. Because I have worked in the dental field for almost 4 years, the first thing I look at is teeth.  Sometimes I wish I didn't have the instinct to do so.

6. I collect bird salt & pepper shakers.

7. I am a self proclaimed control freak. That being said I have 4 calendars. Two at work, one at home and one always in my purse. If you want to hang out please schedule ahead I don't care for last minute plans.

The four fabulous nominees:

Sunday, June 12, 2011

return of the.....stacia lee

I know that I have been missing for over a week now and wanted to let you know all is well!  I have worn perfectly stylish outfits while I have been gone but for some reason I didn't take any photos. Thanks for being so understanding of my sabbatical!

When: June 11th
Where: Cherry Fest with friends
Top: F21
Shorts; Kmart
Shoes: Payless
Bracelet: Gift

Ill be perfectly honest, I only wore these shoes for these photos and then put on flip flops.  I had a great time with my friends yesterday. We looked back at old photos from 10 years ago and I remembered how free spirited I once was. Its crazy to think those times with never return, something so bitter sweet about that.  Im so thankful for where Im at now and have so much to look forward to. I hope you had a wonderful weekend friends! 
Stacia Lee 

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