Monday, May 9, 2011

orange & pink

Hello! Hope your weekend was great! Just a quick post today to say hello! 

Top: Target
Belt: Thrifted
Bracelet: Gift
When: Today
Where: Work & Dinner

I wore this skirt last month.  Its just a little big around the waste so I folded the silk scarf a few times and tied it in the back.  Thought it did the trick and added some color.
I did go pick up those shoes at Payless along with these!
Have a great evening,
Stacia Lee


  1. Love the use of the scarf as a belt. I tried this once but I looked silly. Your skirt is a fabulous colour.

  2. I tried on the same top at Target, but it looks much better on you!

    also, Hi! I'm of MaryAnn's, and she recommended your blog :-)

  3. er, that was supposed to be 'I'm a friend of MaryAnn's'. I seem to have left a few words out, haha.


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