Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Andy & Jo

Just wanted to show off my babes.

Anderson Dane will be 5 this July.  He was from a rescue litter.  When I went to go meet him he was the only one with spots. He was the quietest and only wanted to nap in my arms.  Things changed alot after about 2 months. The puppy stage started and he has been non stop energy since!  He has many nicknames: Andy, Brother, Long legs & moo moo cow.

 After Anderson's vet appointment last October I took him to PetSmart to pick out a treat. I saw Josephina Grace right away and wanted to take her home.  I adopted her 4 days later from Planned Pethood and she has been a blessing.  She has calmed Anderson down quite a bit and keeps him in check.  When I adopted her I was told she was around a year old.  The pound found her running around Fulton county.  Colleen who volunteers at Planned Pethood took her home after Jo's 3 days in the pound and the rest is history.  Her nicknames are: Jo, Phina, Sis, Little legs & moo cow.

People say dogs are just dogs and they don't have emotions or understand. I don't believe any of that.  When I'm crying my dogs come and lick my tears away.  They understand sadness and joy.  I look forward to coming home and being bombarded with doggie kisses.  They bring me such joy!

Have you been thinking about getting a dog this spring? If you are I highly suggest Planned Pethood.  Its easy to browse online through all of the dogs that NEED to be put in a good home.  The adoption fee is inexpensive and the volunteers are more than willing to answer all your questions with a smile. You can sense from Josephina that she is thankful for having a good home to live in.  And there are so many dogs that need that! So go check it out! And if you have adopted a dog or decide to adopt send me a picture!

Until next time,
Stacia Lee

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  1. I sooo want to adopt a dog...but I can't, soon though as soon as I get a new job and move out. I go to there website atleast once a week and a few of the ladies that I work with play a big part in planned pethood. I miss my Anderson Dane and you of course. We need to get together soon. Miss you


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