Saturday, April 16, 2011

steals & deals

My few days of vacation have been wonderful.  Yesterday I stopped by my Grandma's house and instantly saw the mirror and wanted it!  I mentioned to her how pretty it is and of course she said I could have it.  We went to Salvation Army and I spotted the chair sent a pic text to my Mom to see what she thought and she loved it!

The mirror needs to be cleaned and rewired on the back. Bobby said he can do that!

The chair needs to be cleaned and maybe the wood part of the chair painted white! This is going to go in my office.

Don't mind the dust spots on the pictures, I'm too tired to take new ones.  I was so excited to finally find a chair to put in the spare room! The brown is going to look really nice with pink walls!  

The reason why I love thrift shopping:
Chair: $9.99
Mirror: Free from Grandma

Love love love! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend! 
Until next time,
Stacia Lee 


  1. oh my! I love this chair even more after seeing it in these pics : ) and the mirror is just lovely...

  2. Haha, good ole Grandma. All you have to say is I like that! And it's yours!

    Great finds :)

  3. yep thats Grandma for you! I showed her your pics on the blog. She said thats exactly how Mom looked with both of us. :)


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