Monday, April 25, 2011


I have really been out of it lately.  A classmate from high school passed away and his showing was last week.  My friends Papa passed 2 days later and his funeral was the following day.  I have been down and out and trying to pick myself up and out of this rain cloud that's been hanging out.  I wasn't close to my classmate or my friends grandfather but I felt deep sadness for their families and friends.  I left thinking and questioning things that don't need to be thought about.  The on & off again rain  last week hasn't helped.  So I woke up this morning trying to get out of my funk and start the week positive.  I walked out to rain and then it rained all day long. 

Color block top: Gap
Dress: Target
Shoes: Payless
Bracelets: F21

I wanted to wear this dress again on the blog but had a hard time trying to change it up.

I put the tee over the dress, knotted up the side and it seemed to work well.

Rain all day? Bun all day!

The one thing that gives me hope and gives others hope is Jesus Christ.  I'm thankful that he is always with me.  When I think about all of the sadness in the world my heart gets so heavy.  I feel so sorry for those who are missing their loved ones. I'm reassured that all I have to do is share my sadness with Jesus and I feel comforted.  I'm hoping your week was full of sunshine and smiles. Thanks for reading.
Until next time,
Stacia Lee

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