Monday, April 4, 2011

Grandma Gill

She was sassy, loving, generous and made amazing spaghetti. She wore high heels and danced like no other.  She would tell stories of her childhood with such great detail. 


Thank you for the legacy you have left behind and your legs that I have inherited.

I imagine her in Heaven dancing, laughing and loving.  She has no worries. Just joy. I cant wait to see her one day.  Love you Grandma Gill xoxo Stacia Lee


  1. Yes us girls got her legs!! I miss her to!

  2. Ken just said "I see where you got your legs"! I miss her sweet and sassy self : )

  3. I for one, did not get her legs.

    I got Dads. Hooray for huge calves.


  4. candis you have very cute legs and a wonderful beautiful face
    love ya nana,


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