Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Hello! Thanks to all who have commented I feel so blessed and loved on! xoxo

I had the day off today! I slept in, cruised around on the computer, hung out with doggies. That was great! I had lunch with a good friend and we chatted for 3 hours in subway. Then I made a trip to Salvation Army and made out BIG! It was 1/2 off day for all clothing! I picked up so many things! All of that fun in one afternoon!  But my day off wouldn't be complete till dinner with MaryAnn & Jo. Had wonderful Italian food and even better company!
So lets move on to the outfit....

Are you wondering what the wet spot is on my shirt? Oh yes that was toothpaste.

Shirt: H&M
Belt: F21
 Orange Gingham Bow:Ragstock

I love these jeans.  I would like to pick up a few more! Its like wearing pajamas all day long! And hopefully soon Ill be picking up a pair of nude heels for spring/summer! Thanks for stopping by! Stacia Lee


  1. I love all the fashion advice. I feel like I'll need to stop by here more often to figure out what is really in style. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Love the jeans on you and that bold striped shirt with it! The bow is super cute too.

    I would get toothpaste on my huge belly every single day, I had to start leaning over the sink to avoid a blue stained shirt. haha.

  3. cute! cute! cute! happy you enjoyed your day off : )


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