Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Monday blues

 I woke up Monday and had just enough of this Ohio weather.  Honestly frost on my car?!   I was  irritated with having to wear sweater tights yet again and not looking forward to Monday morning.  I was not in the mood to put together a outfit so I threw this together. Mainly because I was seeking comfort and I didn't have to think to much about how the pieces would work together. 

Anderson what a ham!

When: March 28th

Where: Work, Dinner, Home

Chambray top: Kmart $3.99!
Sweater: F21 (yes I wore it twice in a  row) :)
Skirt: F21
Tights: Kohls
Boots: Old Navy
Bracelet: Gift

1st time displaying buttons X 3
Also trying to figure out how to effectively remove red eye. Do you suggest any online photo edit websites?

Thankfully my day improved!
P.S Thanks to Phil for my first non family comment on my blog! That made my day!

And thanks to Mom and Candis for always posting comments! :)

Stacia Lee


  1. It looks anderson is saying....oh honey, you look darling! haha

    I love the outfit, and I am tired of wearing anything on my legs too. ready for free bird skirts...

  2. Stacia you are so adorable! Always so fancy and fashionable! :)
    Love the new blog! You go girl!

  3. love seeing/reading your creative side! You would be wonderful at fashion consulting...I'll be your first client : )

  4. stacia...I LOVE this outfit. I need you to go shopping with me and picking out some work outfits for me. I'd be the envy of the office with your style. love you


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